They took my username @volsfootball

Yes, I know my site hasn’t been updated in years. Living in Alabama has made it a bit more difficult. Plus a ton of great sites have come out since I first started back in 1998*/ Before that, my site was on <cough cough> Geocities. Then almost 10 years later my wife introduced me to Twitter, even set up the Twitter username @volsfootball to match my domain name that she had gotten for me for my birthday. See, she understands what a huge VOLS fan I am and have been over all these years. You have to hand it to her, she’s become quite the “Friend of the University” helping the local Birmingham Big Orange Club with their website and Twitter account too.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.06.38 PM

Now, I suspect it’s because I haven’t kept my website up like I had hoped to, someone seems to have accused me of “impersonating” I would have to assume it to be the University of Tennessee Vols Football @Vol_Football. Again, keep in mind, I’ve had the Twitter user name before UT Sports even started tweeting anything football. I have even openly said “all they have to do is ask me” for the user name. But here’s the problem – they didn’t ask. It would appear that they have hidden” behind Twitter rules and taken it from me. ┬áNotice it says “The new official Twitter account of University of Tennessee football”?




Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.11.55 PM

So now, my little ‘ole account has been suspended. I can’t see any of the tweets that I follow, I can’t retweet any of the great Vols tweets. I can’t even tell the few Twitter followers that I have/had what has happened. Twitter has ignored my wife’s tweets asking about what’s going on. My @volsfootball account that I have had since Sept 2008 has been taken from me…





With all this said, if someone from the University wants to reach out to me about what’s going on, please do. The University of Tennessee prides itself on Integrity and what is happening here is very lacking in just that. Twitter should have my account info. Or you can even get it from the President of the local Birmingham Big Orange Club / University of Tennessee Alumni Association Chapter in Birmingham, AL. Heck, leave a comment.